Cornish Sea Salt

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Hand-harvested from the purest Atlantic waters, just 26 feet from the British shoreline, Cornish Sea Salt is a high-quality, mineral-rich salt. The rare geology beneath the sea surrounding The Lizard gives this salt a complexity and intensity of flavor that is naturally lower in sodium content. In fact, this salt retains so much of the good stuff from the sea that you can use 30% less of the salt when seasoning to get the same impact. The flakes are beautiful microscopic pyramids that are delicate, soft and melting on the palate. Allowing tastes to build and evolve, they are a perfect finishing salt, dissolving quickly to give an initial hit of sea-saltiness. Versatile still, Cornish Sea Salt Flakes can be used for bakery, butchery, in mixology, or marinades. 

Cornish Sea Salt is one of the very few sea salt industries harvesting from open waters, more specifically the protected waters of the Atlantic lapping at the shores of The Lizard, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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