Judge Casey's Irish Country Ketchup

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Our commitment to quality guides us every step of the way. Natural ingredients are the starting point for truly great ketchup. We combine vine ripened California tomatoes from the Central Valley with a splash of vinegar, which helps create our unique tangy tomato flavor. Next we add sun-dried tomatoes, to infuse our signature rich sun-ripened tomato aroma. The addition of raisins delivers a natural mature sweetness. Finally, our unique blend of spices rounds off the flavor profile to wonderfully compliment, enhance and elevate any dish.

Our delicious country ketchup is gourmet style with some of the robust flavors you might associate with a homemade barbeque sauce. Flavors so deliciously rich we recommend using it to marinade meats and veggies. Or just slather it all over your food!

Enjoy our versatile ketchup with burgers and hotdogs, French fries, nuggets and more. Upgrade sandwiches and wraps. Our ketchup is an egg’s best friend! However you do your eggs - scrambled, fried or poached- you can enhance your breakfast with a dollop of Judge Casey’s.

All natural.

-           Gluten free.

-           Vegan.

-           No high fructose corn syrup. Ever!

-           No additives or preservatives.

-           Absolutely no funny stuff.

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