Dizzy Dog, Hot Dog Spiral Cutter

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The hot dog is a classic that’s been personalized over the years with a range of cooking methods and toppings as diverse as chili, onions, sauerkraut and of course ketchup and mustard. Put your own twist on your next hot dog and start a new tradition. The Charcoal Companion Dizzy Dog® spiralizes your hot dog, making room for all the toppings you want and maximizing crispness and caramelization. To use, simply place the hot dog inside the Dizzy Dog and spin the wheel.The blade inside the wheel slices into your dog at just the right angle and spacing. Throw your dog on the grill and watch it sizzle like never before. With durable components, slicing wheel that pulls apart for cleaning, and ridged surfaces on both ends for better grip.

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