Balsamic Aged in Olivewood Barrels, Italy, Cattani

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This new premium vinegar is made from indigenous grapes from the Cattani’s own vineyard in the Modenese hills. It is aged for just over 8 years in oak and then finished in olivewood barrels.  It is thick and rich with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. The initial balsamic flavor finishes with a hint of molasses and vanilla. Drizzle over ripe tomatoes, parmesan cheese and vanilla ice cream. 

From the area of Modena, this is the work of a family passionate about their vinegar. Their tradizionale is crafted with the inherited battery of casks. Their attention and knowledge carries through to this white balsamic. No longer Organic-certified, the producers continue to craft this vinegar with organic methods.

Best for rich preparations where only a drizzle will do. Finish roasted meats, a finish in Cappelini en Brodo, over ice cream, with fruit, and of course, caprese. Estimated age: 8 years.

250 ml

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