Biscoff Crisp Cookies

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The name Lotus Biscoff came from two words: BIS from "biscuit" and COFF from "coffee." So pour a cup of joe and double the fun with two cookies per wrapper. A great option for carrying in a purse or adding to a lunch. You can enjoy the great taste of the popular Lotus Biscoff cookies anytime! Includes 100 Lotus Biscoff 2-packs.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable oils (contains one or more of soy bean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, palm oil), Brown sugar syrup, Sodium bicarbonate (leavening), Soy flour, Salt, Cinnamon.  Does not contain nuts.  Contains: Wheat and Soy. May contain traces of Milk. 

Lotus Biscoff XL 2-Pack Caddy Case Nutrition Facts

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