Durgol Swiss Espresso 2x4.2oz cleaner

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durgol swiss espresso descales all brands and types of coffee machine. It extends the service life of your coffee machine and improves the quality of your coffee. Our durgol swiss espresso special descaler is suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines and capsule/pod/espresso machines, making it the ideal solution for perfect coffee.


Suitable for:

fully automatic coffee machines, capsule and pod systems, filter systems, espresso machines of all types and brands


  • As a general descaler, durgol universal is suitable for any household appliance. You can use durgol universal for filter coffee machines (i.e. open systems) with no problems. For use in high quality, modern coffee machines (i.e. closed systems), we have developed durgol swiss espresso, which generates considerably less foam than durgol universal. The limescale is removed as the water runs through. It is important to limit the amount of foam generated in order not to cause excessive pressure in the narrow ducts and valves.
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