Garlic Twist

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Garlic Twister remains the most multi-functional tool in the kitchen drawer - perfect for mincing garlic, ginger, nuts, shallots, olives, and more! Mix garlic and ginger for a perfect stir-fry, or throw in some herbs for your freshest rub. Break out your second Garlic Twister for nuts, and you can make your sundae ice cream!

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL Kitchen Tool that can mince all kinds of ingredients, from garlic, to ginger, herbs, nuts and more!
  • PATENTED design helps gather ingredients into neat triangles for easy removal (see video)
  • MINCING teeth are beveled in both directions for more efficient cutting
  • LARGER interior chamber can accommodate more garlic and other ingredients than the traditional garlic tools
  • MADE IN USA with High-Grade Polycarbonate plastic
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